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All sessions start with a pre-treatment discussion to assess your needs and goals.

Prices depend on location.

Sound Healing - individual session
Our most popular service​


Feel the blissful sensation of the physical vibration of sound.

Also known as Sonic Massage. Using a selection of specialised Sound Healing instruments and integrating Energy Healing techniques, Natalie will work both on and around the body to create balance, relaxation and activation.

60mins / 90mins

Single Session

Series of 4 weekly or bi-weekly Sessions (recommended)

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Energy Healing
Boost mindfulness and intuition ​

Restore balance​ and harmony on all levels.

Natalie will focus on clearing and aligning chakras (energy centres), clearing pathways to your own intuition and connecting to your Higher Self.

Some sound may be used for deep activation. 

Great for practitioners and healers or anyone in need of a recharge.

45mins / 60mins / 90mins

Single Session

Series of 4 weekly or bi-weekly Sessions (recommended)

Sonic Head Massage.jpg
Sonic Head Massage
For the time-poor

Natalie's signature treatment. A beautiful session combining sound work with light touch focusing on head, neck and shoulders. Great for headaches, mindchatter and aches and pains. Treatment can be done either seated or lying down.

30mins / 45mins

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Group Sessions...

Sound Bath
Feel the power of group healing

Natalie regularly runs Sound Baths in the Sydney metro area. You can also book her for a tailor-made group session.

Gather a group of friends or colleagues together, consider a mindfulness session for a corporate event or add a unique and memorable touch to a party. 

60mins / 90mins / 2hours

Learn the tricks of the trade

As an experienced teacher and trainer, Natalie offers workshops in Sound Healing, Meditation and Intuitive Development to students of all levels.

Learn the basics of Sound Healing, explore specific instruments such as Tibetan and Crystal Bowls, cultivate mindfulness or play with your psychic abilities. 

Get in touch to discuss your specific needs and inspirations.


Each session is tailored to meet your individual needs.

A one-off treatment will be refreshing, relaxing and may uncover some great insights.

A series of treatments will activate healing on a deeper level with longer-lasting effects.

Natalie can work with you to develop a treatment plan that suits your needs and time constraints.

Contact us to discuss your needs and goals

Prices vary depending on group numbers and location.

Contact us directly for more details and a quote.

I am based on the Lower North Shore of Sydney. Available to run programs in approx. 25km radius.

Travel/Parking (especially 10+km) may be taken into account for fees.

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