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Each session is tailored to meet your individual needs.

A one-off treatment will be refreshing, relaxing and may uncover some great insights.

A series of treatments will activate healing on a deeper level with longer-lasting effects.

Natalie can work with you to develop a treatment plan that suits your needs and time constraints.

2024 is an exciting year of transition for us!
We are in the process of manifesting a beautiful new space for one-on-one services.

Meantime, Natalie is still available for offsite sound baths. Why not consider a unique and nurturing addition to your next event/workshop/retreat?
Or simply join one of ours!

All sessions start with a pre-treatment discussion to assess your needs and goals. Prices depend on location.

Sonic Head Massage_edited.jpg

Coming back soon - watch this space...

Feel the blissful sensation of the physical vibration of sound. Also known as Sonic Massage.

Using a selection of specialised instruments and integrating Energy Healing techniques, Natalie will work both on and around the body to create balance, relaxation and activation.

60mins / 90mins

Single Session

Series of 4 weekly or bi-weekly (discount applies)

Energy Healing.jpg

Coming back soon - watch this space...

Restore balance and harmony on all levels.

Natalie will focus on clearing and aligning chakras (energy centres) and clearing pathways to your own intuition. Some sound may be used for deep activation. Great for anyone in need of a recharge.

60mins / 90mins

Single Session

Series of 4 weekly or bi-weekly (discount applies)

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Feel the power of group healing.

Natalie runs Sound Baths in the Sydney metro area. You can also book her for a tailor-made session.

Gather a group of friends together, book a mindfulness session for a corporate event, or add a unique, memorable touch to a party.

A popular addition to any wellness retreat.

Sound Bath: HarmonisingNatalie Grace
00:00 / 16:39
Sound Therapy
Energy Healing
Sound Bath

Workshops and Training

Learn the tricks of the trade and have fun along the way!

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As a certified teacher for Sound Healing Academy, Natalie runs workshops in Sound Therapy for both professional and personal practice. For more information on these, click here.

 Natalie also offers training in Meditation and Intuitive Development for all levels.

Learn Sound Healing, cultivate mindfulness or play with your psychic abilities.

Get in touch to discuss the specific needs or interests of your group.

Natalie loves to work with up and coming Energy and Sound Healers!

Individual coaching can help you with your studies, boost your confidence or simply give you more direction

Whether your want to polish your skills or discover new talents, she's on a mission to encourage all fellow light workers.

One of Natalie's first jobs was as a singing teacher in a music school and she still loves returning to her origins to work with singers of all levels, with or without musical experience.

She specialises in contemporary voice as well as singing for wellbeing and relaxation.

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Workshops & Training
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