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Natalie Grace

Chief Relaxation Officer

"My mission is to reach as many people as possible and to empower them to slow down, be mindful and see the world - and themselves - with more clarity and compassion. This, amazingly, can actually lead to better productivity in all areas including work!"

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Natalie is a highly qualified and experienced Sound Therapist, Energy Healer and Meditation Teacher.

Her unique healing style integrates a range of modalities to create balance, relaxation and activation.

She was a faculty member at the Awareness Institute, where she ran Sound Healing services & events, taught Meditation, including the school's yearly Meditation Retreat, and worked with the Energy Healing Diploma students.

She is now an associate teacher and tutor with Sound Healing Academy (SHA), running workshops in Sydney and tutoring students. For information on Natalie's upcoming SHA workshops and other events click here

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Natalie's Journey...

Natalie's education and experience are diverse, to say the least! 

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, she completed a degree in Music at Princeton University (USA), worked as a musician and singing teacher in Bologna, Italy, and then landed in Marketing and Community Relations back in Sydney. Music caught up with her in the corporate world where she ran a staff choir and occasionally played with bands after hours.

The challenge of juggling motherhood with growing responsibilities in her corporate job eventually led to burnout. Natalie then took some time out to recuperate her physical & mental health. Creating space to reconnect with her original calling eventually led her to reintegrate her musical and intuitive talents in the Wellness and Community sectors. 

As member of A Sound Life, Natalie led numerous music and sound therapy sessions in hospitals and disability care centres. She has also run sound sessions for autistic children in special-needs primary schools, and worked as a musician/facilitator at corporate events with

Human Sound Project.

Want to know more about Natalie's journey to Sound Therapy?

Check out her interview for SBS Audio Great Minds Podcast:

Interview with Natalie Grace
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A selection of Natalie's formal qualifications:

  • Diploma of Sound Healing 

  • Diploma of Energy Healing

  • Diploma Transformative Meditation Facilitation

  • Reiki Master

  • Certificate in Channelling & Mediumship

  • Bachelor of Arts in Music

  • Diploma of Professional Voice

  • Bachelor of Teaching

  • Master of Business in Marketing 

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