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Frequently Asked Questions...

The therapeutic benefits of Music and Sound have been known to many cultures since ancient times. In our exciting era of scientific advancement we now have the means to understand why and appreciate even more the power of frequency and vibration.

How much do your services cost?

Individual Sessions:

60mins - $110

90mins - $155

Most clients opt for 90min sessions.

Offsite Sessions:

Prices vary depending on location, number of sessions etc.

Get in touch for a quote.


45mins - $90

60mins - $110

Sound Baths & Workshops:

Prices depend on location, numbers and package options (e.g. gift bags).

Get in touch for a quote.

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What is involved in an individual session?

First we will discuss your overall state of being as well as any intentions you may have for your session.

Then you'll lie down on the massage table, close your eyes and relax as Natalie works with a variety of sound and energy tools to help you unwind and reach a deep meditative state. 

Once the session is over you will have time to "wake up" and discuss any questions or experiences with Natalie.

Is it bad to fall asleep during my session?
What's a session like?
What if I fall asleep?

There's nothing wrong with falling asleep during your session. Perhaps that's just what your body needs.

Sometimes people fall asleep for a part of a session and are gently woken up by a particular sound. In any case, you will still gain all the benefits of the sound and energy vibrations no matter what state you are in.

Is Sound Therapy noisy?

We work with a range of dynamics depending on a client's needs. It is worth noting that Sound Therapy also incorporates really soft sounds - such as those of tuning forks played around the body - as well as silence, which plays an important role in sessions.

Is it noisy?
Do I need to bring a towel and soap to a Sound Bath?

No. There is no water or nudity involved in a Sound Bath! In all our services clients stay fully clothed and fully dry.

In most cases you will need to bring a yoga mat, cushions and a blanket so you can be as comfortable as possible as you lie down relaxing to soothing sounds and music.

How on earth am I going to lie still for all that time?

If you're asking this question, then Sound Therapy or a Sound Bath is just what you need! These treatments are great for anxiety, stress, restlessness and mind chatter. Check out my video on Sound Healing and Anxiety here...

Do I need a towel??
Difficulties being still?
I actually can't lie down, can you still treat me?

I have worked with clients who, for various reasons, are unable to lie on the massage table. I have various options for seated treatments. Feel free to contact me directly on the form at the bottom of this page for more details on how I can accommodate your specific needs.

What if I can't lie down?

More Questions?

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