Custom-made Programs for You and Your Team

Bring Mindfulness to your Workplace

More and more business leaders are discovering the importance and the value of investing in Workplace Wellbeing.

Whether we like it or not, a great deal of our time, mental and spiritual energy is spent at work. Thanks to mobile devices many workers never actually leave work.

But, like one of these mobile devices, how can we possibly be effective contributors if we never stop to recharge? 

Develop a customised workplace Meditation and Mindfulness Program for you and your Team

Here are a few recommended program structures:

  • Weekly group classes - before/after work; during lunchbreaks; during the "3pm slump"; instead of a mid-morning meeting; before a mid-morning meeting. Whenever!

  • An intense 1 or 2-week program with daily Power Sessions

  • One-off group classes - covering off the basics. An excellent "taste-tester" and great format for interstate/location team gatherings.

  • Training for Team Leaders - learn how to coach your own team and add Mindfulness to your toolset.

  • Private Sessions for stressed-out executives.

                                                                                                               ... and more...

Why not include Meditation at your next Conference?

Meditation/Mindfulness sessions are a refreshing addition to any business gathering.

Get the energy going and set the intention for Success with one of Natalie's sessions! 

We will incorporate not only basic meditation but will get people moving - both physically and mentally. For an even more unique and powerful experience we can throw in some Sound Healing instruments.


It's a fun and invigorating segment with an extremely positive flow-over effect on your overall conference and its desired outcomes.

Ask us how we can spice up your next business conference or team gathering.


What do Clint Eastwood (actor/director), Rick Goings (CEO Tupperware), Rupert Murdoch (CEO News Corp), Martin Scorsese (director), Arianna Huffington (President/Editor-in-chief Huffington Post), Tina Turner (singer), Halle Berry (actor), Oprah Winfrey (CEO Harpo Productions) and many more highly successful people all have in common?

  They meditate regularly!

Voicework - as part of a Meditation Program or Stand-Alone

Our voices are extremely important workplace - and life - assets. We use them to express, present, negotiate and communicate on all levels. 

Natalie can integrate voicework into any corporate program to give your team the edge in all its activities - whether in-house, client-facing or simply a few tips for that karaoke evening you'll have to face on your next Japan-trip...


Intuition for the Enlightened Workplace
What is Intuition or Gut-Instinct?
We all have it. We all use it. Many business leaders swear by it. Uncover the mystery of a commonly-used skill you don't learn about in Business School and learn how to intentionally tap into it through, you guessed it, meditation!
This topic can be covered as part of any Meditation/Voicework program or as a stand-alone workshop.
Natalie is also available for space clearings and energetic work in office spaces.


  • Discover techniques to calm the mind and enhance focus

  • Practice healthy breathing

  • Learn to relax your body, especially typical problem areas such as neck and shoulders

  • Reconnect with yourself

  • Become more efficient by stopping for a moment!

  • Boost motivation, teamwork, productivity and profitability - both financial and personal!

All classes and private sessions can be tailored to meet the needs of any level of experience.

Contact us to discuss your needs and goals

Prices vary depending on group numbers and location.

Contact us directly for more details and a quote.

I am based on the Lower North Shore of Sydney. Available to run programs in approx. 25km radius.

Travel/Parking (especially 10+km) may be taken into account for fees.

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