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Sound Bath: ReleaseNatalie Grace
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Music, Meditation and Motivation are an integral part of the Magic in our lives, whether we recognise it or not...

We use music all the time for motivation, relaxation, mood-setting and even reminiscing. Sound Therapy combines a range of principles to achieve balance, relaxation and overall well-being.


Listening to Music


Sound and Music have been used to restore well-being throughout the ages.

These days we have access to a huge range of instruments and techniques to soothe the senses and calm the spirit.​


With professional training and experience in both Music and Sound Therapy, Natalie is one of the most qualified practitioners in the field.

When in good hands, you can simply let go!

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Traditionally "modern" medicine has taken a band-aid approach to wellness, waiting for people to become ill in order to treat them. These days many medical professionals are promoting a preventative approach to health.​

One of the most efficient and proven ways to combat potential illness is through Meditation and Mindfulness.

Just one session with Natalie will help your body and mind to unwind. 

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Music and Meditation can help you relax, regenerate and reconnect with a deep inner peace.


As you strengthen your connection with your True Self, the motivation generated can drive you to reach your full potential.

Decrease stress, increase health with Music, Meditation, Motivation!

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