About Natalie Grace

Natalie Grace is a highly qualified and experienced Energy and Intuitive Healer who specialises in Sound Work. Her unique healing style integrates Sound Healing, Channelling and Reiki among various other modalities to create balance, relaxation and activation.

In addition to her healing and performance/sound bath work, Natalie is a faculty member at the Awareness Institute, St Leonards (Sydney), where she teaches advanced-level Meditation, assists with the Energy Healing Diploma and also runs Sound Healing services and events.

She is also an active member of A Sound Life charity volunteering her musical and sound healing services in hospitals and disability care centres.

Natalie attended her first Crystal Healing workshop as a teenager and since then her education and experience has been extremely diverse ranging from completing a degree in Music at Princeton University, USA, to teaching singing in Bologna, Italy, to working in Marketing, PR and Community Relations in Sydney.

She also has an extensive background in musical performance in many musical styles –from Renaissance to Rock. She currently works as a musician (keys and vocals)/co-facilitator with Human Sound Project, an organisation offering song-writing workshops and band experiences to diverse groups.

Some years ago Natalie’s love of sharing music combined with her passion for Energy Healing brought her to Sound Healing, a perfect balance! Now, in addition to the all-important job of raising two beautiful daughters, her mission is to share what she has learned, help people slow down, reconnect with themselves and empower them to incorporate their True Nature into their daily lives with clarity and confidence.


A selection of Natalie's formal qualifications:

  • Diploma of Sound Healing 

  • Diploma of Energy Healing 

  • Diploma Transformative Meditation Facilitation 

  • Reiki Master 

  • Certificate in Channelling & Mediumship

  • Bachelor of Arts in Music 

  • Diploma of Professional Voice

  • Bachelor of Teaching 

  • Masters of Business in Marketing 


... in addition to ongoing professional development. I'll never stop studying!


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"My mission is to reach as many people as possible and to empower them to slow down, be mindful and see the world with more clarity and compassion. This, amazingly, can actually lead to better productivity in all areas, including work!

In working with groups and individuals I like to combine all my skills to achieve the highest outcome. This allows me to cater sessions to the needs of the beautiful souls in front of me. No two sessions are alike but all outcomes are in the best interest of everyone's needs."

Tailor made sessions for both groups and individuals
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