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Discover the Magic of You!

Natalie Grace is a passionate, heart-centred
Sound / Energy Healer and Meditation Teacher
offering a selection of transformative treatments to help you find peace and balance.

Music, Meditation and Motivation is not just a business name, it's an integral part of the Magic in our lives, whether we recognise it or not...

It's no secret that stress is a huge contributor to illness - both mental and physical. 

Traditionally "modern" medicine has taken a band-aid approach to wellness, waiting for people to become ill in order to treat them. These days many medical professionals are promoting a preventative approach to health.

One of the most efficient and proven ways to combat potential illness is Meditation and Mindfulness. 

Sound and Music have been used to restore well-being throughout the ages. These days we have access to a huge range of instruments and techniques to soothe the senses and calm the spirit.

Music, Meditation and Motivation can help you relax, regenerate and reconnect with a deep inner peace.
Decrease stress, increase health!
Services include...
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For general inquiries or to book:

E: nataliegfc@bigpond.com

T: 0416 043 673

Natalie is based in 

the Lower North Shore, 

2067, Sydney, NSW, Australia

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