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Discover the Magic of Sound,

Discover the Magic of You!

Sound Therapy ~ Sound Bath ~ Energy Healing & more

conveniently located on Sydney's Lower North Shore.

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Sound Bath: ReflectionNatalie Grace
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How can we help you?

Natalie Grace is an experienced, heart-centred 
Sound Therapist and Energy Healer.
Her transformative treatments will help you find peace and balance.

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Sound Therapy and Energy Healing use gentle, non-invasive techniques to help you reach a deep state of relaxation. Enjoy the soothing sounds of Tibetan and Crystal Singing Bowls, Chimes, gentle Percussion and Voice combined with light touch (optional).

Natalie has worked with a diverse range of people over the years, from cancer patients to wellness professionals. All her sessions are individually tailored to meet her clients' needs. 

It is no secret that stress is a huge contributor to illness - both mental and physical. That is why many medical professionals are encouraging people to explore mindfulness and relaxation therapies and practices. Our treatments are suitable for anyone at any stage of their wellness journey.

Our Services - Relax, Regenerate, Reconnect...

Natalie's studio is located in Chatswood near public transport & free parking.

She is also available for home/office/location treatments. Get in touch to discuss your needs.

Feel the blissful sensation of the vibration of sound.

Release tension, clear your mind, achieve deep relaxation.

Open up your intuition, restore balance & harmony on all levels.

Take a break from the chaos of the everyday.

Experience the power and depth of group healing. 

Gather a group of friends or colleagues or look up one of our public events.


Beautiful Clients = Beautiful Treatments!

"The sound healing was fantastic! I felt energised and relaxed. I would recommend Natalie to anyone. Her manner and healings are amazing."
- Deb

"Natalie has helped me overcome certain blockages and challenges in my life. I love each session with her and the wonderful, positive state they leave me in. She is a compassionate and gifted healer."
- Kris

"I have loved every session with Natalie. She is amazing and so intuitive. Her healings allowed me to release stuck energy and be open to new experiences."
- Agnes

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